Friday, June 10, 2022

Advantages In Renting Commercial Space: 31 - 44


31. Helpful Property Manager
Includes repairs and maintenance. Commercial real estate property manager wants to help. Better than waiting for them to show up. 


32. Personalize Your Private Suite: Keep it simple.  Or personalize your private suite just the way you like. Paint, pictures, keep or change flooring, etc. Usually no alteration deposit.


33. Get A Stable California Lease: Mo to mo is okay. Or save renting 1 to 5+ years. Leases and agreements are based on California real estate laws. 


34. One Total Price: No overhead hidden fees. Typical bill is set price, and 4¢ copies (1st 100 free), and any conference rms.


35. Face To Face Leasing: Meet the Fairfield landlord face to face versus thru an agency. Same building landlord owner since Jan 21, 2000.


36. Furnished or Unfurnished. Can customize the furnished space, or save and utilize available furniture. Free furniture if available.


37. Low Start Up Costs For Space:

• Common Areas Pre-Furnished: Lobby, copier, kitchen, cameras and access control, janitorial equipment, etc. 
• Private Area: All furniture we have in storage is free. 

• Alternative furnished space if your suite isn’t ready at beginning. Usually free.


38. Your Cost Effective And Flexible Space Rental Choice:

In Solano, Napa, Yolo Counties Other Landlords Can’t Beat Us.


39. Lease Release Clause: If you leave early, only pay half of the remaining months on lease. 


40. Change Your Space Needs As Your Co Changes:

• Easy to expand your growing business at the same location. Just rent what you need when you need it.

• Upgrade to another suite while still in contract. Rent a suite at the same or higher price at market rate.


41. Helping Unannounced Clients:

If your client shows up unannounced, or you are running late.  We can help them call you from the lobby. Or let them stay in your lobby, and know you’re on the your way.


42. Public Storage. Three facilities within a mile (under 2 KM).


43. Honest: Reliable reputation. Since Jan 2000.


44. Only Pay For What You Need:

$20 Mo Coffee Bar included in overhead. New flooring and paint, do it yourself or ask CBC to do it for $500+ including materials. Landline tel $25 Mo with free install. Cost effective using our contractors.


Rent A Small Space
Enjoy The Advantages Of A Big Tenant


Start Your Fairfield Space - Same Day You Come In

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