Friday, June 10, 2022

Solutions For Business Space Rentals: 16 - 30


16. Receptionists: Professional and friendly. Live support at the front desk, and by phone plus email. 


17. Loyal: CBC works hard to keep you as our client. 


18. Were Open Each Day Since 2000. Lobby was open every business day. Building 24 hours 365 days.


19. Optional Phone Line:

$25 mo includes all bells and whistles plus taxes. Free install. Receptionist answering is more.  PH Innovation Institute ™ also is involved with electronic inventions relating to telecoms (intellectual property) with inventions filed by Steve in the Philippines and other countries.


20. Optional Conference Rooms:  CBC’s Fairfield meeting room solutions. Rent by the hour, day or week. Available on weekends at extra charge.


21: Air System: Cleaning and maintaining. You save with us and avoid the gigantic expense.


22: Hand Sanitizers. On painted walls all around. Be smart in how you protect yourself and others from communicable diseases.  Follow international health guidelines from  No location can be perfectly safe so protect yourself please.


23. Friendly Atmosphere. Tenant happiness is good business. CBC wants good tenants to renew their Fairfield leases!


24. Professional Image At CBC for your company whether you are from Fairfield, or the other six Solano county cities. Tenants come to us from Dixon, Vacaville, Suisun, Vallejo, Benicia or Rio Vista.  Other tenants come from the Philippines, India, Germany, Mexico, Caribbean, Brazil, Ghana, Japan, China, Viet Nam, Singapore, etc. A good healthy part of our business is with professional Filipinos operating their business services in and outside the US.


25. Remodeled Kitchens

- Granite countertop, stainless steel refrigerator, microwave.

- Hot and cold filtered water machine.


26. Quick Access For Your Clients:

Half mile from highway 80. Just 1-2 miles from highway 12. 7 min from central Vacaville. 38 min from Sacramento. 12 min from Vallejo. About 25 from Contra Costa County.

Within One Hour Drive: Commercial tenants have been coming to us since year 2000 from Solano County’s Vacaville, Suisun, Vallejo, Benicia...! Also we serve renters coming from downtown Napa, and Davis of Yolo County, and West Sacramento, Metro Sacramento, Roseville, Natomas, and more.  Plus Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, El Cerito. Plus Marin County.  That’s driving to the business space rental during normal traffic.  Takes over one hour from Petaluma and Santa Rosa in Sonoma County. 


27. Zero Extra Fees:

Commercial landlords often charge for: a) changing locks, b) key fob, c) your private door sign. 


28. Receptionist Mail Handling:

• Signs For Incoming Packages & Letters 

• Holds your packages or other material to be picked up.


29. Payments To You

Some receive checks or documents from clients. Also docs or products can be picked up. We give receipts. 


30. Free Paper Shredding


Start Your Fairfield Space - Same Day You Come In

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