Friday, June 10, 2022

Advantages In Renting Commercial Space: 45 - 55

45. Save Time & Hassle: There’s a lot more to running a business, plus costs than most realize


46. Free Parking. Ample space on both sides of building. Client spaces reserved near from entrances.  


47. Borrow:

• Honor system Library.

• Dolly for moving

• Some tools and gadgets


48. Save 65% Over Other Copy Service Companies

Copies 4¢. Color 24¢. 1st 100 Free. Maybe 1/3 Kinko’s Price

Monthly save $4 if you don’t use the copier. Modern tech machines. WiFi printing. Beats printer ink cartridge costs. 


49. Free Sheet Feeding Scanner. With Email: Enter your docs and email into the copier machines. Fast and easy.


50. Sending Out Packages. Shipping and handling.


51. Flexible Terms: Every tenant is unique. We can adapt the agreement to your needs regardless of where you are from: Vacaville, Suisun, Vallejo, Benicia, Napa County, Yolo County, Sacramento or San Francisco.


52. Handicap Parking: Free unlimited private meeting rooms. Handicap parking, restrooms, etc. Friendly staff. You can rent from any floor and give your visitors access to handicap meeting rooms normally at no extra charge. Happy to help.


53. Start Your Business In 90 Min.

Bring your computer and start. Turnkey furnished and unfurnished private suites.

Much faster than it usually takes to rent in other countries perhaps like: Philippines, India, Germany, Mexico, Caribbean, Brazil, Ghana, Japan, Singapore, etc.


54. Coffee & Tea Bar. 24/7. Optional.


55. Solano Hub ™ Networking

More domestic and international companies work here than other Solano Napa buildings. 100+ companies to network with at Solano Hub ™  Private meeting rooms for designated attendees. 

Meet entrepreneurs coming from Solano County’s Fairfield, Vacaville, Suisun, Vallejo, Benicia. Potential clients of yours can also come from downtown Napa, and Davis of Yolo County, Sacramento, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and sometimes San Jose.


Legal Disclaimers: Services are subject to change.  Landlord wants its tenants and clients happy but nothing is warranted.  All agreements must be in writing with authorized management.  Let’s brainstorm for soluitons that might work for you.


Yes Solano Hub Also International!

Join Other Companies From California & The Rest Of The World

Philippines, India, Mexico, Caribbean, Brazil, Ghana, Japan, Germany, UK, Portugal, France and more. California is where many international companies like to start their business operations in the western hemisphere.


Only Rent A Small Space
Enjoy The Advantages Of A Big Tenant


Start Your Fairfield Space - Same Day You Come In

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