Friday, June 24, 2022

Innovation Institute Has Worked With California Business Center Over Decades

California's Innovation Institute ™ Has Been Working With California Business Center ™

Innovation Institute "II" is in a wide range of activities.  This includes real estate work with California Business Center "CBC".  They are two separate organizations.  II rents Fairfield office space at CBC.  Plus it has been helping with CBC's projects over the decades.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Fairfield Commercial Spaces For Rent: Links Related To Fairfield's Center For Small Business Tenants

Check Out Fairfield’s Small Business Choice Location For Opening Their Business

Links For Opening Your Business In The Heart Of Solano County. Fairfield Commercial Spaces For Rent Between San Francisco & Sacramento. 

Fairfield's Business Center For Small Businesses Seeking Commercial Space Rentals

Network at our office building www.FairfieldHub.Com More businesses based here than any other office building in Yolo, Solano and Yolo counties.

Conference Rooms. Trainings. Marketing Events 


Short Term Space Needs. Or Recovery Needs


Office Spaces For Rent. Between Sacramento to Solano County Being updated soon.


Start your business in the heart of Solano County near highway 80 

Tools to open your local, national or international business in Fairfield California

www.FairfieldEconomicDevelopment.Com Useful startup links (some need to be updated). More sites coming.


Some info and pictures on draft sites need to be changed.  


California Business Center 707 434-8000


California Business Center, Inc

1652 West Texas Street

Fairfield, California 94533 USA

+1 707 434-8000


Friday, June 10, 2022

55 Solutions For Business Space Rentals

55 Advantages In Renting 

Your Private Commercial Space

Initial Pointers 1 - 15

1. Internet: Business fiber optic standard. Beats regular fiber optic Wired and WiFi.

2. Your 24/7 Access. The glass lobby doors are open business days.


3. Zero – Commitment To Long Lease 

Most commercial real estate brokers prefer offering large spaces for longer leases as that earns more commission.  But what about the small business tenant?


4. Zero - Move In Fees.


5. Zero - Deposit


6. Guaranteed Best Space Solution In Solano For Small Service Start Ups

Ask for details.  Make sure to look at the savings in both Fairfield space rental, and the separate business operations costs. Join Fairfield's innovative business space solution!


7. Free Consultants

Free startup and marketing help. Top notch through our SBDC partner's consultants.


8. Security Access Control Innovation

You decide: who gets access; who keeps access; monitor access times; more. Installed 2021.


9. PIN Code access for your clients.  


10. New CCTV Cameras
Inside and outside. City also has cameras along our busy street gateway to the modern county capital building.


11. Security Additional Features: Keyed restrooms. Police and others check the building. More.


12. Gov Redeveloping Area. New improvements started in Solano's Heart of Fairfield program.  More Fairfield redevelopment is moving forward! PH Innovation Institute ™has given many adopted innovative ideas to local and international governments.


13. Cleaned Every Business Day

• Your Suite

• 10 Bathrooms. Cleaner than bathrooms in most other buildings. Friendly janitorial staff want to help. Also have remodeled bathrooms for handicap use.

• Every business day. Plus Common areas. kitchens, reception, roof. Lot’s more…! 


14. Our Economy of Scale – Savings Transferred To You:

Rent a small space and get the advantages of a big tenant.

We get bigger savings in costs because our size gets better prices. Also we save your time and hassle, for example internet, front desk and daily Solano janitorial are in total less for us, than each of the 80+ suites if they were solo.  Since year 2000, others have tried to compete against us as landlords and have had trouble staying in business without trying to find a way to get out of renting smaller Fairfield suites. We do not markup the overhead costs. PH Innovation Institute ™offers the innovative business space solution with the CBC Solano landlord.


15. Help Moving In. Extra fee. However free dolly use is available.


Please see the legal disclaimers.

Rent A Small Solano Space
Enjoy The Advantages Of A Big Business


Call Solano Leasing Office +1 (707) 434-8000


Solutions For Business Space Rentals: 16 - 30


16. Receptionists: Professional and friendly. Live support at the front desk, and by phone plus email. 


17. Loyal: CBC works hard to keep you as our client. 


18. Were Open Each Day Since 2000. Lobby was open every business day. Building 24 hours 365 days.


19. Optional Phone Line:

$25 mo includes all bells and whistles plus taxes. Free install. Receptionist answering is more.  PH Innovation Institute ™ also is involved with electronic inventions relating to telecoms (intellectual property) with inventions filed by Steve in the Philippines and other countries.


20. Optional Conference Rooms:  CBC’s Fairfield meeting room solutions. Rent by the hour, day or week. Available on weekends at extra charge.


21: Air System: Cleaning and maintaining. You save with us and avoid the gigantic expense.


22: Hand Sanitizers. On painted walls all around. Be smart in how you protect yourself and others from communicable diseases.  Follow international health guidelines from  No location can be perfectly safe so protect yourself please.


23. Friendly Atmosphere. Tenant happiness is good business. CBC wants good tenants to renew their Fairfield leases!


24. Professional Image At CBC for your company whether you are from Fairfield, or the other six Solano county cities. Tenants come to us from Dixon, Vacaville, Suisun, Vallejo, Benicia or Rio Vista.  Other tenants come from the Philippines, India, Germany, Mexico, Caribbean, Brazil, Ghana, Japan, China, Viet Nam, Singapore, etc. A good healthy part of our business is with professional Filipinos operating their business services in and outside the US.


25. Remodeled Kitchens

- Granite countertop, stainless steel refrigerator, microwave.

- Hot and cold filtered water machine.


26. Quick Access For Your Clients:

Half mile from highway 80. Just 1-2 miles from highway 12. 7 min from central Vacaville. 38 min from Sacramento. 12 min from Vallejo. About 25 from Contra Costa County.

Within One Hour Drive: Commercial tenants have been coming to us since year 2000 from Solano County’s Vacaville, Suisun, Vallejo, Benicia...! Also we serve renters coming from downtown Napa, and Davis of Yolo County, and West Sacramento, Metro Sacramento, Roseville, Natomas, and more.  Plus Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, El Cerito. Plus Marin County.  That’s driving to the business space rental during normal traffic.  Takes over one hour from Petaluma and Santa Rosa in Sonoma County. 


27. Zero Extra Fees:

Commercial landlords often charge for: a) changing locks, b) key fob, c) your private door sign. 


28. Receptionist Mail Handling:

• Signs For Incoming Packages & Letters 

• Holds your packages or other material to be picked up.


29. Payments To You

Some receive checks or documents from clients. Also docs or products can be picked up. We give receipts. 


30. Free Paper Shredding


Start Your Fairfield Space - Same Day You Come In

Call Leasing Office +1 (707) 434-8000


Advantages In Renting Commercial Space: 31 - 44


31. Helpful Property Manager
Includes repairs and maintenance. Commercial real estate property manager wants to help. Better than waiting for them to show up. 


32. Personalize Your Private Suite: Keep it simple.  Or personalize your private suite just the way you like. Paint, pictures, keep or change flooring, etc. Usually no alteration deposit.


33. Get A Stable California Lease: Mo to mo is okay. Or save renting 1 to 5+ years. Leases and agreements are based on California real estate laws. 


34. One Total Price: No overhead hidden fees. Typical bill is set price, and 4¢ copies (1st 100 free), and any conference rms.


35. Face To Face Leasing: Meet the Fairfield landlord face to face versus thru an agency. Same building landlord owner since Jan 21, 2000.


36. Furnished or Unfurnished. Can customize the furnished space, or save and utilize available furniture. Free furniture if available.


37. Low Start Up Costs For Space:

• Common Areas Pre-Furnished: Lobby, copier, kitchen, cameras and access control, janitorial equipment, etc. 
• Private Area: All furniture we have in storage is free. 

• Alternative furnished space if your suite isn’t ready at beginning. Usually free.


38. Your Cost Effective And Flexible Space Rental Choice:

In Solano, Napa, Yolo Counties Other Landlords Can’t Beat Us.


39. Lease Release Clause: If you leave early, only pay half of the remaining months on lease. 


40. Change Your Space Needs As Your Co Changes:

• Easy to expand your growing business at the same location. Just rent what you need when you need it.

• Upgrade to another suite while still in contract. Rent a suite at the same or higher price at market rate.


41. Helping Unannounced Clients:

If your client shows up unannounced, or you are running late.  We can help them call you from the lobby. Or let them stay in your lobby, and know you’re on the your way.


42. Public Storage. Three facilities within a mile (under 2 KM).


43. Honest: Reliable reputation. Since Jan 2000.


44. Only Pay For What You Need:

$20 Mo Coffee Bar included in overhead. New flooring and paint, do it yourself or ask CBC to do it for $500+ including materials. Landline tel $25 Mo with free install. Cost effective using our contractors.


Rent A Small Space
Enjoy The Advantages Of A Big Tenant


Start Your Fairfield Space - Same Day You Come In

Call Leasing Office +1 (707) 434-8000



Advantages In Renting Commercial Space: 45 - 55

45. Save Time & Hassle: There’s a lot more to running a business, plus costs than most realize


46. Free Parking. Ample space on both sides of building. Client spaces reserved near from entrances.  


47. Borrow:

• Honor system Library.

• Dolly for moving

• Some tools and gadgets


48. Save 65% Over Other Copy Service Companies

Copies 4¢. Color 24¢. 1st 100 Free. Maybe 1/3 Kinko’s Price

Monthly save $4 if you don’t use the copier. Modern tech machines. WiFi printing. Beats printer ink cartridge costs. 


49. Free Sheet Feeding Scanner. With Email: Enter your docs and email into the copier machines. Fast and easy.


50. Sending Out Packages. Shipping and handling.


51. Flexible Terms: Every tenant is unique. We can adapt the agreement to your needs regardless of where you are from: Vacaville, Suisun, Vallejo, Benicia, Napa County, Yolo County, Sacramento or San Francisco.


52. Handicap Parking: Free unlimited private meeting rooms. Handicap parking, restrooms, etc. Friendly staff. You can rent from any floor and give your visitors access to handicap meeting rooms normally at no extra charge. Happy to help.


53. Start Your Business In 90 Min.

Bring your computer and start. Turnkey furnished and unfurnished private suites.

Much faster than it usually takes to rent in other countries perhaps like: Philippines, India, Germany, Mexico, Caribbean, Brazil, Ghana, Japan, Singapore, etc.


54. Coffee & Tea Bar. 24/7. Optional.


55. Solano Hub ™ Networking

More domestic and international companies work here than other Solano Napa buildings. 100+ companies to network with at Solano Hub ™  Private meeting rooms for designated attendees. 

Meet entrepreneurs coming from Solano County’s Fairfield, Vacaville, Suisun, Vallejo, Benicia. Potential clients of yours can also come from downtown Napa, and Davis of Yolo County, Sacramento, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and sometimes San Jose.


Legal Disclaimers: Services are subject to change.  Landlord wants its tenants and clients happy but nothing is warranted.  All agreements must be in writing with authorized management.  Let’s brainstorm for soluitons that might work for you.


Yes Solano Hub Also International!

Join Other Companies From California & The Rest Of The World

Philippines, India, Mexico, Caribbean, Brazil, Ghana, Japan, Germany, UK, Portugal, France and more. California is where many international companies like to start their business operations in the western hemisphere.


Only Rent A Small Space
Enjoy The Advantages Of A Big Tenant


Start Your Fairfield Space - Same Day You Come In

Call Leasing Office +1 (707) 434-8000 Now