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Harvard's Office Buzzwords For Innovative Entrepreneurs. Politics Of Innovation

The Office Buzzwords Maybe All Internationally Minded Companies Should Know About. 

Historically Harvard business publishing has put out a good number of reference manuals and guides of use to aspiring students of business. The 5th term Politics Of Innovation might have been coined or at least popularized by Innovation Institute ™ 

Ascend - Job Crafting - Confirmation Bias - Divergent Thinking - Politics Of Innovation


Learning and growing to become a better person. Having faith in your abilities. That your skills can be developed over time by learning to embrace failures. Always get back up after you fall.

Bring cheer to others and yourself at the same time. It's part of the Politics Of Innovation.

Job Crafting:

Design your job. Personalizing work in a way that feels energizing and helps you stay relevant to today's world market, your clientele and future trends. The term used to be called, coloring your own parachute. There is more to life than money. Make a job that approach is what you prefer. Realize that stress and deadlines may still be inherently needed however you design your job roles.

Confirmation Bias

Looking for information that affirms your existing beliefs. Putting up blinders to alternative perspectives.  People choose the news channels that reinforce their viewpoints. 

This results in the splitting of society. Part of the 1987's bestseller "Closing of the American Mind" goes into this. 

Geographical Bias: Or what about negative stereotypes people have of Californians as being "too creative" or whatever else? The one in slave by stronger confirmation bias will seek out traits in the Californian and thereby further cement their confirmation bias about Californian.  If they could only take off the blinders and see the real person behind the projected image. Many people falsely think most Russians and Chinese are brutes based on the news channels and their not having been to China or Ukraine. Don't confuse the dictator with those being dictated to. Does being an American in a "red state" mean they probably support Donald Trump, and weaker gun laws?

Tech can help open people's minds: Machine learning inventions from Innovation Institute ™ help people open their minds.  Adaptive ™ tech also adapts news and information to viewers based on their mindsets, then gently brings more balance where the Behavior Analyzer ™ estimates its needed. 

Divergent Thinking:

The art of innovative thinking.  Brainstorm for new ideas.  Consider various solutions to a problem. With excitement, discover new points of view. Create a list of ideas and opinions with less censorship. Studies by Innovation Institute, Harvard, University of Chicago and others prove skepticism squashes creative problem-solving. Fear of making a mistake is more likely to keep you entrenched in all thinking patterns that didn't work before. Hey call it “outside of the box" or even "going beyond boxes as a reference point" as the super adept might call it.  Yet remember the marketplace has its own mindsets. They tend to be less open than you expect.  Fly greater heights with your mind. Come back down to earth with what's more likely to match client expectations. Study other's predictable mindsets. This is closely tied with the Politics Of Innovation if you wish your divergent thinking be accepted by those who usually fear change however much needed.  Will most coal industry workers want to embrace renewable energy and lose their jobs?

Politics Of Innovation:

Make people part of your innovative business strategy. Work to assure they will succeed along with the plan and yourself. Don't backstab. Most people want security while changes are taking place. Otherwise they will try to squash innovation as it usually happens even in this century.

You don't have to be a bull in a china shop because you're the brightest innovator. Yes the fear of divergent thinking and lack of ascendant thinking makes creative thinkers extremely impatient. Innovation Institute's studies show the powers that be including local government can become extremely selfish and preserving their own truth at the great expense of the population who doesn't know better. Ugly politicians will fight ugly battles and lose touch with why they are there to serve the people. Get frustrated and upset and the narrow minded fear mongering types will use their discomfort of your ideas and frustration to cut you off in any number of ways.

Reality is the best mouse trap is not necessarily the one that sells the most. People may not purchase the smarter mouse trap because of the color or shape or Trademark. People are afraid of change because often change results in people losing the comfortable way of doing business or living. Uncertainties abound in people therefore may not want change. How to handle this?

Work on creating safeguards for those who are joining your innovative team. Just because you have a new business plan that requires skills that some of the employees have not yet mastered does not mean it's time to fire them. Put in the time and care to get them on board when possible.  When people feel there is less risk the more likely to embrace your idea. Bring compassion and team spiritedness to the political side of your innovations. Be a good person says Steve Kays.  Find your team of likeminded innovators with proven track records for being good reliable people you can trust. Give them the same trust you expect. 

Want to make a shift in your work? What is on your mind? What innovative ideas can you come up with right now?

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