Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Landlord Helps Tenants Find Better Web Hosting With Solano Internet Marketing

California Business Center suggests tenants pick the largest web hosting company GoDaddy.  

The Center's link is the shortcut discount link into GoDaddy.  It's a little like buying a new car, you get the same car from different places. The Center however gets you the car for the lowest price possible.

Prices are at the lowest level so tenants get started. Even if the lowest price is a little higher than of other cars you get a good car.  Don't compromise on the quality of the car.  Get the best price from the model you want.

Solano Internet Marketing ™ of California Business Center Inc helps small Solano County businesses get started. The client actually pays GoDaddy, and we are just the window.  

Steve Kays, owner of the Center said, "GoDaddy does the tech support, hosting, email and more. The link is like a special key into GoDaddy to get best pricing. Nobody should hopefully be able to beat these online costs if so let us know, and Solano Internet Marketing will contact GoDaddy. Their pricing structure is complicated, and at the end of the day, Solano Internet Marketing invests itself so that it's not making money from what tenants pay GoDaddy."

Tenants and the public are welcome.  Anyone can save going through the Solano Internet Marketing link. Steve Kays feels its a good web tool for the Solano County business community.  A better Solano economy is good for current and future commercial tenants.  The landlord's commercial property is for home based businesses which may or may not need a physical geographical presence for their website, and meeting clients, etc.

Be smart. Work in a business world with better transparency and healthier approaches. Web marketing is one piece of your business success.

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