Friday, August 3, 2012

Technology Innovation Institute Services In Solano California, Etc.

Technology & Solano County Intellectual Property:
Solano Inventors ™
Solano Airport Tech Incubator ™
Solano Network ™
N.A.P.A. ™ also stands for New Adaptive Patentable Algorithms ™such as Solano Matrix ™and www.InventionCustomizer.Com adaptive electronics and business methods for Solano and Napa Counties. N.A.P.A. ™ can be without dots, and in upper lower casing, or all caps.
Technology Incubator Solano ™
Solano Electronics ™ (since around 2001)
Solano Electronics Incubator ™(SEI)
Solano Intellectual Property ™(SIP)
Solano IP ™
Solano Inventions ™
Solano Brainchild ™
Solano Inventors ™

S-O-L-A-N-O ™:
While perhaps interestingly over creative for some people, the term “S.O.L.A.N.O.” not only represents the county of Solano, but also: Springboard Office Leasing And New Organizations ™ such as which offers Solano County office space or Solano County Virtual Offices ™ for rent to budding startups from Vacaville, Fairfield and Vallejo.  S.O.L.A.N.O. ™ also stands for Sweetspot Operative Licensing Adaptive Network Organizer ™ that helps Solano County technology companies with the Adaptive Matrix ™ from www.InventionCustomizer.Com and the Solano County springboard for Fairfield, Vacaville, Vallejo and Napa County at www.InventionSpringboard.Com

Learn more about Technology Innovation Institute Services In Solano California 707 428-5000

Disclaimers & Errors:
• If there is an error with a Solano trademark, please fax to 707 427-6472.
• Intellectual property and general business warnings include:
• The trademarks are managed by the owners of Solano Incubator ™. Accidentally related Solano County or other trademarks are not associated with or endorsing these Solano County related T.M. marks.

Monday, March 19, 2012

What Information Web Search Engines Decide To Show

What Information Web Search Engines Decide To Show Is Important.  They Need To Screen Out Indecent Images Better.

For Example, Public Internet Surfers Around The World Can Without Their Knowing See People Who Appear Older But Are Under Aged By A Few Months,  While Police Can Recognize Such Images, The Public Appears Not To Have Such Tools Available Yet.
Child pornography recognition software is one of many strategies to limit the spread of child pornography online. Police and Microsoft announced partnering to give law enforcement agencies access to Microsoft Corporation's PhotoDNA child pornography recognition image-matching technology.
Microsoft Donation: at no cost to police, the Child pornography recognition software
can help identify child sex abuse cases. It will comb through collections of digital images to identify child porn images.
While Police Get The Free Software, Will The Public Be Able To Filter Their Computers For Images Of Nudes That Appear Of Legal Age But Are Actually Just Shy Of 18 Years Of Age?
Child pornography laws provide severe penalties for anyone possessing pornography of minors appearing to be of legal age. Producers and distributors in almost all Western societies suffer extremely harsh sentences.  But what about those who possess images that they didn't know were pornography of minors appearing to be of legal age?
Child pornography laws in 187 countries shows that 93 have no laws that specifically address child pornography. The 2008 studies show from the 94 that do, 36 do not criminalize possession of child pornography regardless of intent to distribute. A sad state of affairs.
It's time to tackle pornography of minors appearing to be of legal age from more angles, including allowing private individuals to filter out such images on their own. Web filters  installed by private people could be used to prevent such downloads.
Share Your Comments On Filtering Pornography Of Minors Appearing To Be Of Legal Age. The World Internet Public Needs Such Porn Filters Used By Police. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Innovation Institute: Google Can Delete Unauthorized Content From Your M...

Innovation Institute: Google Can Delete Unauthorized Content From Your M...: Google recently yanked apps right out of people's devices. Google helped keep over 250,000 infected Android phones from further harm by infe...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Technology Cities Fight It Out. San Francisco 49ers Becomes Santa Clara 49ers Faster Than Expected

Bay Area Technology Cities Fight It Out. Santa Clara Beats San Francisco. The San Francisco 49ers To Be Renamed To Santa Clara 49ers Or... The Change Happening Faster Than Expected.

Sports teams and their culture are in some way a driving force in creating excitement in technology communities. Yet San Francisco has many other things like great restaurants that critics say beats Santa Clara's average restaurants.

California Business News: San Francisco 49ers Becomes Santa Clara 49ers? Mov...: It's Just Business? San Francisco 49ers Getting A Better Deal A Bit South. So Santa Clara 49ers Move To Southern SF Bay Area's Santa Clara. ...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Will Unique Morning Alarm Clock Be Made In Asia Or California? Wake Up California?

Will Innovation Institute's Unique Morning Alarm Clock Be Manufactured In Asia Or In California? Wake Up California..!

Free US Patent Rights Are Available To A Northern California Programmer Who Hires Other CA Programmers After The Invention Succeeds. Become The Exclusive Seller Of Innovation Institute's Unique Morning Alarm Clock If You Hire In California.

Deactivate the puzzle alarm clock by figuring out a simple puzzle?  Or make the puzzle harder before the alarm goes off. Innovation Institute's Unique Morning Alarm Clock uses technology related to iPhones and Androids.  Steven Kays invented over 100 types of Adaptive Clocks TM.

More on free patent rights at Join the FaceBook group at www.KaysForSenate.Org

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ethics Or Politics

Get Innovative.  Stay Ethical.

What might have been the biggest exporter of good paying clean manufacturing jobs from the northern part of the San Francisco North Bay?

It's called political retaliation. The California state senate took away the tax funded redevelopment funds used by their local city developers as their slush fund.  With local city help, certain north bay developers in effect pushed around innovative startups that wanted to start clean tech manufacturing.

Learn more about positive innovation in Fairfield California at