Friday, June 10, 2022

55 Solutions For Business Space Rentals

55 Advantages In Renting 

Your Private Commercial Space

Initial Pointers 1 - 15

1. Internet: Business fiber optic standard. Beats regular fiber optic Wired and WiFi.

2. Your 24/7 Access. The glass lobby doors are open business days.


3. Zero – Commitment To Long Lease 

Most commercial real estate brokers prefer offering large spaces for longer leases as that earns more commission.  But what about the small business tenant?


4. Zero - Move In Fees.


5. Zero - Deposit


6. Guaranteed Best Space Solution In Solano For Small Service Start Ups

Ask for details.  Make sure to look at the savings in both Fairfield space rental, and the separate business operations costs. Join Fairfield's innovative business space solution!


7. Free Consultants

Free startup and marketing help. Top notch through our SBDC partner's consultants.


8. Security Access Control Innovation

You decide: who gets access; who keeps access; monitor access times; more. Installed 2021.


9. PIN Code access for your clients.  


10. New CCTV Cameras
Inside and outside. City also has cameras along our busy street gateway to the modern county capital building.


11. Security Additional Features: Keyed restrooms. Police and others check the building. More.


12. Gov Redeveloping Area. New improvements started in Solano's Heart of Fairfield program.  More Fairfield redevelopment is moving forward! PH Innovation Institute ™has given many adopted innovative ideas to local and international governments.


13. Cleaned Every Business Day

• Your Suite

• 10 Bathrooms. Cleaner than bathrooms in most other buildings. Friendly janitorial staff want to help. Also have remodeled bathrooms for handicap use.

• Every business day. Plus Common areas. kitchens, reception, roof. Lot’s more…! 


14. Our Economy of Scale – Savings Transferred To You:

Rent a small space and get the advantages of a big tenant.

We get bigger savings in costs because our size gets better prices. Also we save your time and hassle, for example internet, front desk and daily Solano janitorial are in total less for us, than each of the 80+ suites if they were solo.  Since year 2000, others have tried to compete against us as landlords and have had trouble staying in business without trying to find a way to get out of renting smaller Fairfield suites. We do not markup the overhead costs. PH Innovation Institute ™offers the innovative business space solution with the CBC Solano landlord.


15. Help Moving In. Extra fee. However free dolly use is available.


Please see the legal disclaimers.

Rent A Small Solano Space
Enjoy The Advantages Of A Big Business


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